Vicious Dogs with Their History and Personality

Dogs are widely known as man’s best friends. They are smart and loyal creatures. However, some dogs can be a serious threat to people, especially strangers. For people who are afraid of dogs, vicious dogs can be a nightmare.

There was a case in Indonesia where a house cleaner died because a Belgian Malinois dog bit her. Some speculated that the dog was not received proper care and treatment like it as supposed to be.

The story can be used as a reminder for dog owners to be aware of.  The dogs’ type, behavior, and treatment should be a priority before deciding to adopt them as pets.

Here is a shortlist of vicious dogs that exist in the world.

1. Vicious Dog Breeds

  1. Caucasian Shepard is a guard dog with a strong will and fearless. The military typically employs it. It is a perfect breed to protect property, including prisons and commercial estates.

This type of breed is not a family pet although he may look adorable. It will attack anybody considered a stranger for him or even your kids’ friends. It is just a natural defense for him when he is protecting whomever he considers as his family.

The Caucasian Shepard is not a suitable breed for a novice dog owner. The enormous breed would fit expert dog owners instead. They should be able to train him, spend lots of time to make him know the surroundings.

  1. Pit Bull is on the list of vicious dogs. There are several pit bull-type dogs, such as Staffordshire Bullterrier, American Pitbull Terrier, American Bulldog, and American Staffordshire terrier.

Pit Bulls were bred from Old English Bulldogs. They have a close appearance to today’s American Bulldog. The history of why Pit Bull has such a bad reputation dates back a long, long time ago.

A cruel blood sport known as bull baiting uses Bulldogs. Those days, British people let one to two Bulldogs to assail a bull for hours. The bull would collapse from exhaustion, injuries, or both.

Some believe that it depends on how the owner treats his dogs. A dog that social less and train to fight will be an aggressive dog. Some certain types of dogs can pose a risk, and they come in all sizes, shapes, and breeds.

  1. People typically employ the Perro de Presa Canario as a catch dog. He will drive cattle and hogs, or even scare and kill strange dogs. He is a mastiff breed with special needs from the Canary Islands.

The Presa has a huge head, heavy rectangular shape with a short coat. The coat can come in brindle, fawn, or black. It can also be a mix of a combination of those colors mentioned.

The Presa is on the list of outlawed breeds in communities or countries that issue breed ban regulations. In 2006, there was a case of a Coral Spring woman, Shawna Willey, who died after her dog bit her while given a bath.

The dog, a Presa Canario named Xino, was standing over her and was later shot to death by the officers on the backyard of the owner. It can be a reminder that the Presa Canario is dangerous.

It is for an experienced owner. Any dog that is not received proper training is dangerous. Letting your dog free without your attendance or keeping it in a cage can make it become an aggressive creature.

  1. The Rottweiler is a majestic breed with a loyal and loving personality toward the family member. He can turn into both a gentle or fierce beast. The creature with a big head, muscled body is a smart breed.

He can weigh up to 135 pounds and is strong. Police work utilizes Rottweilers due to their protective instincts and individual judgment. A well-behaved Rottweiler can still be dangerous to anybody, including children or elder people.

Again, there was also a case where a Rottie dog mauled its owner to death. The news, of course, made people give a bad reputation to Rottweillers. Only expert breeders know how to handle such a breed.

You should pick a dog based on the purpose. You should also know what the personalities of the dog you are going to adopt. That can prevent such an eerie incident to happen repeatedly.

  1. The Fila Brasileiro is a fierce guard breed from Brazil. He has a large head and a heavy rectangular body. His coat comes in brindle or fawn. The Fila is a breed that is powerful, active, and intelligent.

An inexperienced owner is not recommended to have a Fila Brasileiro. You should not expect him to be friendly with people he rarely sees, even children who are friends with your kids. That is not his natural personality after all.

The Fila should receive training while he is still a puppy. He is a quick learner even if he is just 2 months old. He can memorize everything you teach. Teaching the Fila when he is already 6 months old can give you a hard time, as he is stubborn.

The Fila can weigh up to 90–100 pounds with a height of 23–30 inches at the shoulder. The mastiff breed life expectancy is around 10–12 years. He has a soft and short coat and is relatively easy to groom.

  1. The Alaskan malamute is one of the oldest dog breeds. The name came from the Mahlemut, an Inuit tribe of Kotzebue Sound Area of Alaska. The powerful Arctic breed was bred to drag harsh fields and extreme climates.

The Malamute is notable for his wild instinct, which makes him difficult to keep behind a fence. It is because he loves to roam free for miles and days. Besides, he is also quite a digger and climber.

Remember that this breed is powerful. You should be careful and know your ability when you are about to put a leash on him and walk him. He can get loose and attack other creatures like cats.

  1. Wolfdogs are a result of a crossbreed between a domesticated dog and a gray wolf. They are parts of the same Canis species. People categorize dogs as a subspecies of wolves.

That fact makes it possible to crossbreed wolves and dogs. History first recorded the breeding between a dog and a wolf in England. It dated back in the middle of the18th century.

Breeding dogs with wolves, including gray wolves, red wolves, eastern timber wolves, and Ethiopian wolves, became a common thing in the 1960s to create the wolf dogs.

In general, wolf dogs are not laid-back pets. That can be a consideration before adopting them. They are not for a family with small children, as they can become an aggressive creature. They are different from one another in terms of behavior.

Nobody can guarantee that wolfdogs would behave the same way although they come from the same litter. They can appear to be obedient while others can be demanding.

  1. The Bullmastiff is a majestic guard dog. He needs a reliable owner who can control or train him well. It is because he is an independent companion. The Bullmastiff is a brave dog who will put his life to protect his family.

The Bullmastiff is not fond of other dogs if they are of the same sex in particular. It is not recommended to keep a male Bullmastiff with another male dog of any breed in the same place.

He also has high prey tenacity. Because of that, cats cannot live with Bullmastiffs or something terrible will happen. Many occasions make Bullmastiff drool. You can find them drooling after eating, drinking, or when the temperature is hot.

He is not a very active breed, which makes it possible to let him in an apartment. He also would not likely bother your neighbor as he does not bark that much. However, you should not mind him if he bumps things in the apartment due to his large size.

  1. The Siberian husky is a handsome dog breed originated in Siberia. He features a thick coat that comes in plenty of colors and markings. The husky is an athletic and intelligent dog that looks like the Siberian wolf.

Average males of Husky can grow up to 21-23.5 inches in height while the females can reach up to 20-22 inches. The males weigh around 45-60 pounds whereas the females 35-50 pounds.

  1. The Doberman Pincher features a sleek coat, an athletic body, cropped ears, and a docked tail. He is a blend of some breeds such as Black and Tan Terrier, Rottweiler, and German Pinscher.

The history of the Doberman Pincher began in the late 19th century. Louis Dobermann was a tax collector. He lived in the town Of Apolda, in the Thuringia district of Germany. His job was collecting money.

Therefore, he needed some protection to guard himself, as there were bandits who wanted his money. People also knew him as the dogcatcher of the town. The early Doberman pinscher was the result of his experiments.

The Doberman has high intelligence and is a highly active breed. He is also a loyal and playful dog as well. He will protect his family when finds anybody threats his family, and becomes aggressive for that reason.

Males can grow up 26-28 inches in height, and females 24-26 inches. They weigh around 60-80 pounds. The females are slightly smaller. He needs daily exercise and should not be kept alone.

2. Most Vicious Dog Breeds

There are most vicious dog breeds out there. Moreover, the list of the most vicious breeds can be different as people have their objective when viewing this kind of issue. We have already compiled ten of the most vicious dog breeds in this article.

However, you may find names on other websites, which are not the same as in this article. Moreover, they are not wrong. Some can even add a different type of breed because of an incident that might have taken place somewhere caused by the dog.

That kind of incident can tarnish the reputation of the dog species, and the rumor of the dog behavior will spread around. It usually stops at an asserted dog trainer as he has the knowledge and capability to give back the reputation.

Some people would list a different version of their own including Pit Bull, Great Danes, and Caucasian Shepherd. These are all the most vicious dog breeds that you should be aware of if you encounter one of them.

3. Vicious Dog Names

Here are some vicious dog names that will expand your knowledge about the creature that belongs to the family Canidae.

Great Danes are a gentle majestic dog. They weigh up to 200 pounds and 32 inches at the shoulder.

People classify the Pakistani Bulldog as a rare dog breed and address it also as a Bully Gull terrier.

This guy is a very popular dog breed in the military and law enforcement. The German shepherd is a playful and intelligent companion.

Kangals are huge, powerful, and intimidating dogs. With a powerful bite force, they can be a nightmare to whoever encounters them.

When meeting a Bull Terrier, it is advisable not to underestimate his strength because of his size. He is strong and can be as scary as a Pit Bull.

Chow dogs may not that large, but people use them as hunting dogs and royal guards during the time of Chinese dynasties.

Akita has a strong protective instinct. Akita has a bite force of 400 PSI. Anybody can have serious injuries if bitten by him.

Labrador Retrievers are also a very popular breed in America. Some Labradors can have an aggressive manner. Their bite force is recorded to be 305 PSI.

This massive dog can grow up to 200 pounds. People also know Tosa Inu as a Japanese mastiff with a bite force of 556 PSI.

Any dog can be dangerous, including Boxer. Boxers can give you severe injuries when they attack with their speed and strength with a bite strength of 230 PSI.

Here are some more vicious dogs in the list, including, English Mastiffs, Cane Corso, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saint Bernard, Dogo Argentino, Weimaraners, Chihuahua, Basenji, Daschund, and Tibetan Mastiff.

A dog can be educated to be a loving family member with the right training. Vicious dogs are not only about genetics but also about the wrong way of treating them.


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