5 Outstanding Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

The cabinetry is a distinct element in a kitchen, drawing the eyes and determining the kitchen atmosphere instantly. A modern kitchen pays more attention to unique design details, without sacrificing practical functions. Here are five kitchen cabinet design ideas to spice up your home with unique flair.

⦁ Floor Cabinets with Wood Plank Drawers

Combining two different looks of similar materials in one cabinetry set will improve your kitchen without much effort. The pictured floor cabinet has deep grey color, but the two drawers in the middle were made of naked wood planks. They look very different but connected with the wood countertop surface.

The drawers have unique details that will immediately draw attention. The planks were constructed in a way that provides slight gaps between them, providing air circulation for the things stored inside. Instead of knobs or handles, the wooden drawers have hollowed parts where you can insert your fingers to open them.

The black subway tile backsplash complements the entire look. An installed wooden rack displays a set of white ceramic cups and plates, creating a stark contrast with all the grey. However, the wooden plank drawers still connect the entire cabinetry perfectly with the rack.

⦁ White Cabinetry with Retractable Wooden Trays

White cabinetry is a popular option for modern kitchens and can be combined with anything. However, the picture above shows unique design that is immediately seen when the cabinet is opened. Each section in it has retractable wooden “trays,” which you can draw to take any plate, product, or utensil without difficulties (especially if they are located in the deep part of the cabinet).

While the cabinetry is all-white, the wood surface inside still has its natural color. It creates contrast without looking too jarring, perfect for the subtler design. This cabinet design goes well with any color tones in a kitchen. If you decide to refurbish the kitchen and use a new color, you can keep this white cabinetry, saving extra money to work on other projects.

Feel that the color is too dull? Replace the white ceramics with colorful ones, creating “automatic” color variations. You can also adorn the kitchen with something colorful, such as tile backsplash, flower vase, or patterned towels and curtains.

⦁ Modern Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet

This picture shows a contemporary cabinet design, with a sleek surface and dark grey shade that goes well with the elegant kitchen. The cabinetry consists of wall and floor cabinets, with the two wall cabinets flanking an overhead exhaust, creating a visual balance. The floor cabinet has a white countertop, which gives soft contrast in the whole set.

The cabinetry connects with larger sets, which contain an oven, a microwave, and a fridge. The entire look is matched with subtle backsplash from patterned tiles, and dark floor from wooden planks that give a contemporary look in a kitchen. Add large glass panel windows (or another sufficient natural light source) to prevent the overly-dark look in the kitchen.

This cabinetry is perfect to adorn a Scandinavian-style kitchen, with an open-plan design and minimalistic design. The grey cabinet doors, stainless appliances, and patterned backsplash are enough to create accents in the working space, especially if you want to keep your kitchen clean and practical.

⦁ Sleek Kitchen Cabinet with Chrome Backsplash

This kitchen cabinet set looks even sleeker and more contemporary than the previous one. While having dark brown shade (which is often associated with traditional design), this cabinetry has a sleek surface that is bare of details, except the long chrome handles on the large closet-style cabinet door.

The cabinetry is paired with chrome backsplash, which gives an even more modern look, just like what you will find in the kitchen of a fancy steak restaurant or bistro. The wall and floor cabinet designs form a “square” that surrounds the cooking/washing section, creating a focal point and designated working station at the same time.

This combination works well with contemporary design elements. You can add unique elements such as modern pendant lamps, abstract wall arts, or black bar-style long table.

⦁ Classic Wooden Cabinets with Colored Tile Backsplash

If you love classic cabinetry look, but don’t want to get stuck in an old-fashioned kitchen, try using colored tiles for the backsplash. This image shows rustic wooden cabinetry with patterned marble countertop. However, the entire set is matched with colored stone tiles, complete with stone ornament design in the center.

The entire look is completed with wooden floor, creating a rustic look that belongs to a farmhouse. However, the modern, stainless steel kitchen appliances create the more eclectic look. Add unique design elements such as bronze chandelier-style lamp and refurbished dining table to complete the look. You can also hang bronze pan hanger to create a farmhouse or Mediterranean kitchen look.

Installing unique but sensible kitchen cabinetry will improve the look of your kitchen instantly. These kitchen cabinet design ideas can help you decide a new design that looks different, but still perfect for all house design types.

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