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Mansard Roof – Roofings can have various appearances while serving similar functions. In this lesson, we’ll check out the mansard roofing, explore its history, and consider its advantages.

Why do structures little different? In the end, their intent is to safeguard us from the aspects and develop an internal, habitable area, right? So why don’t all buildings look the exact same? Since that would be uninteresting! Architecture is not just engineering; it’s art. We desire it to look cool.

The General Contractors Seattle, define a roofing system as a place on a structure where style ends up being essential both structurally and visually. There are many sort of roofing systems, but one that became rather popular for a while was the mansard style. A mansard roof has four sloping sides, each of which bends eventually. Why make a roof with such an unique shape? Well, it sure isn’t uninteresting.

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The Mansard Roof

Specifying and Recognizing the Mansard Roof

In technical terms, a mansard is a hipped, gambrel roof. Exactly what’s that indicate? A gambrel roof is one which changes the degree of slope on the inclining sides Take your hands and hold them straight up, palms facing each other. Now, bend your wrists so that your fingertips touch, forming a triangle. That’s a basic roof. Now, flex your knuckles. See how your roofing system now alters slope? From your fingertips to your knuckles is a gradual slope, however from your knuckles to your wrist is a much steeper slope.

Now, what you just made was not a mansard roofing. It was a gambrel roof. A mansard is a hipped gambrel. This suggests that the roofing system slopes in all four instructions of the structure, not just two. So, if the roofing slopes in all 4 instructions, however does not bend, it’s hipped but not a mansard. If it flexes, but does not have 4 sloping sides, it’s a gambrel but not a mansard. If it has four sloping sides, and all of those sides bend, then congratulations: you’ve found yourself a mansard roofing system.

A mansard roof has a few other determining qualities. For instance, they tend to have dormers, or windows that project out from the roofing system. This brings light into the attic, and provides architects the choice of turning that space into a bed room or other type of livable interior. The capability to turn the attic into a home is among the best advantages of the mansard roofing system. It’s also essential to bear in mind that after the bend, the lower part of the mansard roofing system can be directly, convex (curving or flaring external), or concave (curving or flaring inwards).

History Mansard Roof

So where does this unique design come from? The earliest recorded use of the mansard style dates to the 16th century, where it was used in Italy, then England, then France. It’s possible that the style was produced to give the pitched-roof buildings a flatter look, therefore matching the façade of the structure. Doing this would let Renaissance designers use Classical motifs from ancient Greece and Rome (which tended to include flat-front buildings).

The mansard design began getting appeal in France (have a look at the roofing system of the Louvre), however it didn’t go by this name yet. That would come in the 17th century. Baroque designer Francois Mansart began creating extravagant townhouses and chateaus with hipped gambrel roofs, and the style caught on so quickly that his name became synonymous with it.

Modern Mansard Roof Exterior

Mansard roofing systems first ended up being popular in the 17th century and they had several comebacks with time since then. This type of roofing was promoted by Francois Mansart and was eventually named after him. Nevertheless, he wasn’t the very first one to construct a mansard roofing system. That action can be credited to Pierre Lescot who built it in the 1550s as part of the Louvre.

Mansard Roof View from Swimming Pool

However exactly what is a mansard roof exactly? From an architectural point of view, this kind of roofing is specified by 2 slopes on each of its sides. The lower slope sits at a steeper angle than the upper one and has several dormer windows. Such a roofing basically adds another habitable flooring to a building, turning the attic into a spacious and comfortable space with couple of restrictions when it concerns interior decoration.

Mansard Roof View from Street

A mansard roof is often likewise known as a French roofing or a curb roofing. After its preliminary launching, it ended up being stylish once again during the reign of Napoleon III throughout a duration called the Second Empire. The mansard roofing system’s appeal was restored in the 1850’s during the rebuilding of Paris. It ended up being a trendy architectural function for most of the structure from that duration. And that trend stays in many environs of London to this day. If you’re planning on switching to this roof, it’d help you to know how to get roof replaced with insurance.

Mansard Roof Beautiful View at Night

mansard roof windows

During the Second Empire period, this kind of roofing system was used to leading towers rather than across the complete width of a building. Later, in the 19th century, the mansard roofing system ended up being a typical function for many buildings from both Europe and The United States and Canada. It became a typical function not just for large structures but likewise for private houses.

Black and White Home with Mansard View

At one time the houses in France were taxed by their height or by the number of floors below the roof. The peculiar design of the mansard roof allowed people to go around that and to add an extra floor to their homes without paying taxes for it or even without requiring additional masonry. This type of roof provided builders with an easy way to add one or more floors to a building without a lot of planning.

Black Home with Mansard Roof

At one time the houses in France were taxed by their height or by the number of floorings below the roofing system. The peculiar style of the mansard roof enabled people to walk around that and to include an extra flooring to their houses without paying taxes for it and even without requiring extra masonry. This type of roofing supplied home builders with a simple way to include one or more floors to a structure without a lot of preparation.

Black and White Home with Mansard View from Street

mansard roof replacement ideas

In Europe, the idea of mansard specifies not simply the roofing system itself however also the interior area of the attic. It’s a design that enables an optimum use of the interior space of the attic thanks to the gentle slopes and the existence of the windows.

Mansard Roof Interiors

As currently mentioned, due to the fact that the mansard roofing system has this distinctive structure and design, it changes the attic into an extra floor for the building, making it easier for property restoration services to mend the roof if the roof bears the brunt of a storm. There are, obviously, a couple of design-specific information related to the interior and the multiple interesting methods which it can be arranged and utilized.


The slopes of a mansard roof are not as abrupt as in the case of a pitched roof for instance and that indicates a more spacious and open layout.


This chalet has an additional floor under its mansard roofing system. It has a wood ceiling with exposed beams and windows that let in natural light.

mansard roof repair

A great deal of apartment these days have mansards. This permits the homes on the upper floor to be turned into lofts or to develop an independent brand-new flooring with separate apartments.

mansard roof renovation

In addition to the windows, an area positioned in the mansard of a building can likewise provided skylights.


There are lots of usages for mansard areas. They can be really good and relaxing home with comfortable sectionals, couches and armchairs but they can likewise serve as work areas.


The attic of this modern-day loft home is actually spacious thanks to its mansard roofing. It has big windows and scenic views of the environments.

mansard roof remodel

The apartment or condos with the sloped design of the roofing system by leaving the window area unfurnished so the focus can be on the views.

mansard roof pros and cons

Not all mansard spaces have the very same attributes. Some can be quite little while others, like this one, are large and roomy, with sloped roofing systems that do not actually posture any problems when furnishing the space.


Aside from the gentle slope of the ceiling, there are no components that recommend this is an attic space. If anything, the slopes make the space a lot more comfortable and inviting.

mansard roof plans

Although it holds true that it can be tough to provide an attic or a mansard area, there are lots of excellent methods to make the most of its unique architectural functions.


The furnishings is usually customizeded for attic spaces. This home has a mansard roofing and its attic has the flooring, walls and ceiling covered in wood and some really fascinating customized pieces.

mansard roof modern

I think there are two primary strategies to choose from when embellishing an attic with a mansard roofing. Either attempt to make it look truly cozy by utilizing wood and great deals of textures or make it look intense and roomy by utilizing light colors, glass and skylights.

A cool concept to maintain a mansard area open and cozy and to avoid a messy and confined appearance is to opt for casual home furnishings such as floor pillows instead of armchairs or a really low bed frame. You can likewise just put the bed mattress straight on the floor.


It could be a bit hard to create a bathroom under a mansard roofing but if you position the important components where the roofing is taller you can then discover customized options for everything else.

mansard roof images

The slope of this mansard roof in fact makes the entire area feel a lot cozier and more inviting. The skylights are a really good touch. They generate more light and the open the area in an actually lovely and advanced method.

mansard roof ideas

A mansard is a lot like an attic but with a higher ceiling which provides more flexibility in terms of the furniture that be used and the interior design strategies appropriate for the space.


The windows of mansard roofing systems are pretty small but that does not suggest you cannot make the most of them. For instance, put your desk in front of one of the windows so you get to enjoy the natural while working.

How to Build a Mansard Roof

mansard roof house style

A mansard roof is an outstanding addition to a home for those seeking to increase the living space on the top floor or to contribute to the attic space. Building a mansard roofing in the house is a relatively easy task provided one has the correct design, suitable instructions, quality building tools and the requisite technical and manual skills.

Developing a Mansard Roofing system

Action 1: Choice Making and Planning

This action includes picking a blueprint for the roofing system you wish to develop, contacting regional authorities to learn the area-specific building codes and policies, handling professionals to find out the complexities of the building process, acquiring all the materials, hiring labor if the job is excessive to end up alone and taking out an insurance cover to protect versus any damages sustained throughout the building procedure.

Action 2: Preparing the Structure Website

The first step in the actual building process is to obtain the area all set for construction. Start out by choosing a specific location for all the tools you will need. Utilize a large table or area off a part of the lawn so that all the products are in one location– easily available and neatly set up. Remember to cover all plants and any home appliances, components and equipment in the area with tarpaulins or plastic sheets to prevent any damage during the building.

Action 3: Positioning the Rafters

Take the common rafters and fix them to one ridge board. Utilize the nails to repair them in place. Once this is done, raise the ridge and then utilize nails to fix the other rafters into place also. The outdoors rafters need to be positioned such that the birdsmouth is on an airplane with the highest plate of the wall. When the accurate position has actually been attained, utilize nails to tighten up the rafters into place. The same treatment needs to be performed on the three remaining sides.

Step 4: Staying Typical Rafters

The typical rafters left over from the 3rd step now have to be fixed into place. They too need to be nailed into location to guarantee a tight and safe positioning.

Step 5: Ceiling Beams and Sheathing

The ceiling beams have to be fixed with care. Use nails to secure them into location and ensure they aren’t loose so that there is no damage later on. After this has actually been done, cover the area with the sheathing.

Action 6: Upper Extension

The elevated prolonged region that forms the upper extension of the mansard roof needs to be constructed using vertical rafters. These vertical rafters have to be placed within the borders of the ridge board. Typical rafters need to be used on both the inside and the outside of this structure to provide it strength and assistance.

Action 7: Sheathing and Shingling

Usage collar ties and fascia for the roofing before the sheathing procedure can begin. The sheathing product has to be attached to the common rafters using nails. Areas where there are valleys and vents should be covered using flashing. After this has actually been done, one should lay the undercoating material over the entire surface and after that cover it with the shingles.

How to Remodelling Best Mansard Roof

Maybe the most popular mansards in the world are in Paris and reveal the spectacular panorama of the city. What is a mansard roofing and why it is so appealing? The Mansard design features a classy sloping and it was extremely popular in France and bears the name of a French architect– François Mansart. A characteristic function of the conventional roofing systems is the luxurious ornamentation, elaborate cornices, decorated window surrounds as the style imitates the French structure style throughout the years of Louis Napoleon’s Second Empire.

The best ways to utilize the area under the mansard roofing system?

When choosing the covering for a freshly developed house, individuals rarely believe that roofings can offer more than defense of your house and its residents from outside aspects. The location under the mansard roofing system, which we usually call an attic, offers extra living space which is really important in contemporary living and is delighting in fantastic popularity. Attic renovations are a great method to change an old chaotic attic into a functional area and in contemporary architecture this idea is especially popular for large and intense lofts. In addition to the substantial boost of the living location, attic renovations do not require much funding that makes such transformations extremely cost effective.

Exactly what are the pros and cons of a mansard roof?

The most significant benefit of selecting a mansard roofing system is the additional living space. This type of covering is an exceptional option if you plan a future home addition For instance, a simple roof can be upgraded with attic or dormers at a later date when the kids grow up and in addition, such additional living space includes a good deal of value to the residential or commercial property.

On the drawback these roofings are not an excellent choice for areas with heavy snowfall. When you plan a change it needs to adhere to particular technical and technological guidelines so it is barely a Do It Yourself job. It does require a financial investment and professional aid. And if you still need more ideas about deck, you can check other ideas here: small deck ideas.

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