List of Long Hair Cat that Will Enslave You with Their Charm

Cats are such adorable animals. They have beautiful faces with mustaches and fur, and most importantly, they have such weird and funny behaviors. There are many types of cats in the world, one of which is a long hair cat.

In this article, we will tell you some short history, origin, and personalities about long hair creatures that seem to seek so much attention to their people. Without further ado, here they are.

1. Long Hair Cat Breeds

Cats have plenty of categories separated all over the world. It leaves many choices for anybody who would like to adopt a cat. You can choose a type of cat with a character or behavior that pretty much has all the requirements you need for an ideal pet.

A list of long hair cat breeds is quite long. It stretches from Persian to LaPerm. According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the biggest American cat registration body, there are at least 44 different kinds of breeds up to 2018.

Each of the long hair cat breeds has a certain shape and behavior. That can be a good start to pick any of these felines to be brought home.

In the United States, the Persian is dubbed as the most favorite cat. Persian cats are a smart cat with a sweet and gentle manner. They have a luxurious long hair that would turn everybody’s head as they walk. The Persian can weigh up to 12 lbs.

They have some different colors to attract you more such as green, blue, chopper, and hazel. Their lifespan can reach 8-11 years. Persian cats have a round head, small ears, big eyes, with a short neck and tail, and a thick body

Himalayan cats could be a good feline for a pet owner who does not like much noise in their home. The Himalayan is known as a calm pal who loves companion from its owner.

They require daily treatment such as grooming, combing, and brushing. A longhair cat is typically prone to dirt, including dust, soil, or mud. Therefore, they would love a regular bath as well to prevent their fur to get matted or sticky.

Birmans have short bodies with long silky hair, dark-tipped tail, face, and ears. It makes them look similar to Siamese cats. They may not be closely related though. The big cat is also known as Sacred Cat of Burma.

With blue eyes and a pale-colored body, the Birman is a calm and friendly furry pet. They are noted for its beautiful, single-layered coat. They love to interact with other pets too.

The Maine Coon is a huge cat native to Maine, USA. The longest cat breed ever recorded can grow up to 4 feet long. It belongs to the Maine Coon. It is not only their big size but also their character as well, that makes people adore them.

These engaging and friendly breeds adapt to new surroundings. Although they love people’s companions, they are not a needy creature. The Maine Coon can also be a good guardian who keeps rodents away.

Norwegian Forest Cat is a playful, indoor cat. It is also called ‘Wegie’ for short. The wegie can weigh up to 13-20 pounds with a length of 12-18 inches. It is believed that the cats arrived in Norway hundreds or a thousand years ago.

They are also the official cat of Norway. Wegies have beautiful coat colors ranging from black, white, red, cream, tabby, and cinnamon. They have a variety of eyes from gold, green, and gold-green. Their life expectancy can reach 14-16 years.

The Turkish Angora was named after the city in Turkey, Ankara. It used to be called Angora. The Turkish Angora is classified as a small-medium sized cat. They can weigh 5-9 pounds.

The owner of a Turkish Angora should be aware that the cat is a fairly athletic and smart feline. It means that they would probably make a little mess in your home. The Turkish Angora is known for his long silky coat.

Because of the unusual appearances of his ears, the breed gets his name. The American Curl has distinctive ears that curl back from his face. The American Curl is also recorded as one of the youngest breeds.

The backward curling ears cat has an affable personality. He loves people including children. He would follow you around when you are walking or doing an activity. He is a curious and intelligence cat after all.

The Somali is just what you are looking for a cat with active behavior. His personality would fit you if you were keen on having a cat with intense mobility. It is because he loves to play, climb, and to jump.

Cats are not like dogs. Dogs would be so pleased if their humans come back from work or somewhere. They would greet them by barking or even jump right at their human’s shoulder.

Cats do not have that kind of personality. However, that what makes cats is adored by many. Yes, cats have such a manner that sometimes annoys their humans. Nevertheless, we love them anyway.

The Ragdoll is portrayed to have such a sweet, docile personality. They would be contented for a cuddling session. You would even find him sitting by the door to greet you when you are home.

Males typically weigh over 20 pounds whereas females are about 10-15 pounds. The ragdoll needs regular grooming twice a week. It can help get rid of some dead hair as it can become tangled.

Manx cats are hailed from the Isle of Man. They have a distinctive feature, as they lack a tail. They have plenty of coats and patterns ranging from tabby, tortoiseshell, and calico.

Manx cat characteristics are a solid body with a round head and huge eyes. They also have quite distance ears. The longhaired type of the Manx is Cymric cats. They are boat identical except for their coat length.

2. Domestic Long Hair Cat

Many cat owners seem to be cast by these domestic long furry creatures. They would make great pets, and become good family members to give your life a little bit more color.

It just doesn’t feel right if a home does not have a pet in it, does it? Although long hairs need more treatment than short hair ones, you will feel a sense of satisfaction for having them.

First, you should pay attention to their needs, as it would help them grow contentedly. Here are the reasons why people cannot free from their spells.

The domestic shorthair is very popular in the United States while the domestic long hair comes right after. They are not recognized as breeds. The long hair is not susceptible to any complaint carried on by heredity.

It is believed that the domestic long hair’s origins are in Western Asia. It was around the 16th century that they were brought into Europe. The first recorded documentation was in the middle of the 50s, in Italy.

People wonder where the long coat comes from. Some speculate that it is a result of recessive genetics. We may encounter an occurrence where a long hair mates a short hair one.

The result will always be short hair kittens. Even so, once they grow up, the kittens may result in long hair kittens as they carry a long hair gene.

A plethora of cat types came to the United States on the Mayflower. With more and more ships arrived in America, the creation of new American breeds was high, which now result in the domestic long hair.

To remove dead hair and avoid mats and hairball appearing, you need to brush domestic long hair at least once a week. The weight of males and females are relatively different.

Males are measured around 11-22 pounds while females are lighter. Domestic long hairs may have a variety of personalities. They are a result of a mix of plenty of breeds after all.

Domestic long hairs are not demanding creatures. That is why they became the second most popular cats in America. Just let them groom for some time, and they would be so pleased. That is enough to make them get affectionate with you.

A healthy cat typically sheds twice a year due to changes in temperature. This fact might surprise you. Depending on what breed is, most long hair cats shed less than short hair ones.

3. Long Hair Siamese Cat

Balinese cats are longhaired of a variety of Siamese. They are named after the dancers of the Island of Gods, Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese are identical, unless for their coat length.

If you ask or search where the Balinese gets his long fur from, the answer would be unknown. It could be a hybrid result between the Siamese and a longhaired breed like Turkish Angora and Persian.

It could also be caused by a gene mutation. The Balinese did not commence to be developed until in the middle of the 90s. The cat later recognized by The Cat Fancier Federation in the early 60s.

The longhaired Siamese cat is allowed to be outcross to Siamese, Javanese, Colorpoint Shorthairs, and oriental longhairs.

Unlike his relative the Siamese, the Balinese is not a vocal breed. The Balinese adores his owner so much. He would stalk you and watch whatever you do around the house. It is just perfect for you who are fond of the presence of a little furry friend in the house.

He would make the best pal for you who are looking for a cat with intelligence, agility, and athleticism. He tends to sit on your lap when you are sitting. He would also sleep next to you or under the blankets in the bed.

A Balinese can weigh 5-10 pounds and belongs to a medium-sized cat. Some common health problems that happen to Siamese cats can also affect his relative, the Balinese, as well.

Here are the health problems they would encounter including:

  • Amyloidosis
  • Asthma
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Crossed eyes
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome
  • Lymphoma
  • Nystagmus
  • Retinal atrophy

How Do You Care For the Balinese?

It is relatively easy to take care of Balinese cats. You need to comb their silky long hair with a stainless comb twice a week, removing dead hairs. A bath does not necessary in this case.

To prevent mouth-related disease, brushing their teeth is highly recommended. The best dental treatment would be daily, but once a week would also be better than none in to keep them stay in shape.

4. Long Hair Calico Cat

Calico is not a breed. It is a cat with a specific color pattern. A cat can be considered Calico if it has three colors on its coat such as orange, white, and black. There are also some other color variations including, ginger, grays, and cream.

Unique Genetics

What makes Calico cats unique is that they are almost all female. Even if there is a male, he will always sterile. Females dominate calico cats. It is because of their mysterious genetics.

The rare genetic phenomenon is called “dosage compensation.” It has been the topic of an interesting issue of scientific studies back then in the middle of 90. Males have one X and one Y chromosome whereas females possess two X chromosomes.

X chromosomes are in charge of providing proteins essential for survival. With that being said, females cannot have two proteins produced by the X chromosome. Thus, it needs to make up for the imbalance by getting rid of one X-chromosome.

The gene, which controls hair color in cats, lies on the X chromosome. As a result, if females turn down the X chromosome producing the gene for white fur in a certain area of the body, the gene will likely produce orange fur in that area instead.

The Persian is said to be one of the breeds that can result in a longhaired calico cat. Any breed of domestic cat both short and long hair including, Manx, Persian, Japanese, Bobtail, Turkish Angora, and American Shorthair.

Longhaired calico cats are sure pretty, but it seems that they do not need intensive care. You can groom your longhaired calico cat at least twice a week.

Those domestic long hairs and the domestic shorthairs are the same breeds. What makes them different is the length of their coats.

Those are some facts, types, and personalities of long hair cats that will give you a clear idea about those wonderful cats’ origins.


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