5 Wooden Kitchen Table Ideas for Small Family Home

The wooden kitchen table is a classic addition to any home, and it is a favorite among families. Wooden table exudes warm, familiar look in a house, big or small. Now, you can find many wooden kitchen table ideas to match with any interior design. If your house is just enough for a small family, make sure to choose the right size, and match it with the shape of the room.

Here are several great inspirations you can try easily at home.

⦁ Round Corner Kitchen Table

The roundtable is a perfect solution for a more intimate meal setting. In this picture, an elegant round wooden table is placed on the corner, a great way to save space in a small house. The dark coat makes the table versatile, perfect to be paired with various designs, from classic to contemporary. This roundtable makes everyone faces each other when sitting, creating a warm dining time.

The table is paired with four dark chairs with accents on the back. The chairs have bright cushions, which create a great contrast with the entire dark tone. Two colorful vases and a glass bowl serve as ornaments to cut through all the darkness. The picture also depicts yellow walls, light wooden floor, and carpet that has similar texture and color with the chair cushions.

If you have a small cooking-and-dining area, but still want to maximize the space for family mealtime, this table is a great solution.

⦁ Farmhouse-style Kitchen Table

A traditional, farmhouse-style kitchen table brings warm and familiar tone into a home, even in a modern setting. This picture shows a farmhouse table made of wooden planks. The table looks rustic, but not too rustic, thanks to its matte surface. The table goes great with anything, including wooden floor with similar patterns.

You can pair this table with rustic wooden chairs, or even benches to accentuate the farmhouse look. However, if you want more variations in the rustic decorations, use wicker chairs, like in the picture. You can use practical decorations, such as ceramic bowls, candles, jars, or fruit bowls.

Want to make the kitchen looks more rustic? Pair this table with round doily in the middle, and chandelier lamp from metals such as bronze or copper.

⦁ Rustic Long Table with Root and Herb Bowl

You can do many things with a regular wooden kitchen table. If tablecloth, vase, or bowls are not your taste, try something earthier. This picture depicts a long, wooden farmhouse-style table that looks common, except for the bowl decoration. Instead of using a decorative bowl, the homeowner fills a simple wooden bowl with garlic, peas, onions, and other edible roots.

The spice bowl instantly attracts the eyes, thanks to the rustic simplicity of the table. If you want to involve more greens, add some herbs. Parsley or sage will look great among the edible roots.

Want something more natural-looking? Skip the edible roots and replace the bowl with rectangular or square planters. Plant different herbs in these planters to create natural, edible decorations. Match the planter sizes with the table dimension, so the entire arrangement looks balanced.

⦁ Rustic Blue Wooden Kitchen Table

Pair blue with wood to create a unique look in your kitchen. This photo depicts a delightful traditional-style kitchen with the combination of wood, black, and light blue. The kitchen table reflects the decorative elements, with its polished wooden surface and light blue legs. The table is connected to the blue cabinetry and wooden countertop surface.

To create visual statements, the table is surrounded by yellow wooden chairs, with accented backs. The bright yellow may look distinctive compared to the table, but it is connected to the walls and ceiling, which have muted yellow tone. The black stove and ovens are connected to the dark floor. Colorful accents, such as fruit bowl, potted flowers, plants, and ceramic jugs refresh the entire look.

The table and chairs are further accentuated with two bronze chandeliers, which bring retro vibes to the entire kitchen. This dining room is a great

⦁ Wood-and-white Traditional Kitchen Table

Wood and white is a “safe” combination for a contrasting look that is not too dramatic. In the above image, a long wooden kitchen table has a polished wooden surface, combined with white legs. The table is big enough for six chairs, and they combine white structures with wooden seats to accompany the table. The chairs have slightly curved design elements that make them look more elegant.

The table and chairs set are combined with wooden floor and cabinetry that look seamless. The white is on the walls and double doors. Patterned tile backsplash and potted flower help cutting through the wood-and-white combination, creating fresh accents. You can add a small, patterned tablecloth to give more colors in the room. Even in a small kitchen-dining area, this table is a great place to have a warm family mealtime.

The right kitchen table will improve your kitchen and give extra space for a family occasion. Try these kitchen table ideas to give your family a warm, intimate eating place.

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