5 Unique, Multipurpose Kitchen Island Ideas for Modern Homes

Kitchen island has functional and decorative functions, but not all of them created equal. Creative kitchen island ideas not only improve your kitchen design but also provides practical functions. You can eat, study, entertain guests, or prepare foods for them, maximizing the functional elements in the house.

Want something unique but functional to adorn your kitchen? Here are five kitchen island ideas you can consider.

⦁ Kitchen Island with Bookshelves

If you love reading while enjoying some snacks or often experiment with recipes from cookbooks, a bookshelf is a great addition to the kitchen. This above photo shows a nice combination of a multipurpose kitchen island and a mini bookshelf. There is enough space on top to prepare foods, wash hands, or eat, while the side part of the island is used to store books.

The kitchen island combines classic white floor cabinets with wooden countertop and a metal sink. These three different colors and materials match perfectly with the kitchen’s modern-classic design. Chandeliers and patterned rugs exude classic elegance, while the white cabinetry and French door give a more modern look.

To prevent an “empty” look due to all the whiteness, the designer painted the kitchen walls with lime green. The color cuts through the white without looking to jarring.

⦁ Table-style Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can look bulky and space-consuming, especially if the kitchen is not too big. To prevent the space problem, opt for a table-style kitchen island, which has legs instead of a solid bulk. The picture above shows a long, table-style wooden kitchen island with several drawers, perfect for additional storage space. The wooden surface is polished sleek but still maintains its natural pattern.

This wooden kitchen island is paired with metal stools, which create a delightful contrast with the white walls and floor cabinets. The “classic” combination is brightened with potted plants, unique wall arts, contemporary chandeliers, and ornamental rugs.

⦁ Multilevel Island with White Countertops and Log Stools

Create a striking look in your kitchen by combining unusual materials with sleek, modern kitchen island. In the above image, a multilevel kitchen island is paired with unique stools, which resemble wooden logs or stumps. The island, while made of wood, has the sleeker appearance, creating a unique contrast that adds a unique touch to an otherwise common kitchen.

This island’s several levels provide extra working area without sacrificing space. The surface has stark white color, which creates greater contrast between the island’s lower construction and the accompanying stools. The only additions are a simple sink and a modern fruit bowl. You can add additional space for extra storage, such as drawers.

The entire kitchen is decorated with the combination of wood and bright-colored surface, just like the kitchen island. Despite the fairly common design, the multilevel island and stump stools give this room a character.

⦁ Kitchen Island from Recycled Wood

Recycled wood furniture is now popular even among the owners of luxurious homes. It adds rustic look into a modern kitchen, and you can contribute to the environment. The picture depicts a classic white kitchen made special with a kitchen island from reclaimed wood panels. The island shows great contrast with the stark white elements in the room. The sleek, white surface connects this kitchen island with its surroundings.

The island is perfect for a medium-sized kitchen. It has the right size for a sink, adequate working space, and kitchen ornaments such as fruit bowl or cake cover. The stools have a vintage style, which goes great with the traditional white cabinets, light wooden floor, and pendant lamps. Glass panels on the cabinet doors provide natural decorations from the porcelain collections inside.

⦁ Sleek, Monochromatic Kitchen

Black and white is a popular combo for a contemporary kitchen, but you can also incorporate vintage elements in such kitchen. The picture above depicts an eclectic combination of monochromatic shades, subway tiles, wooden floor, and white cabinetry. The kitchen island in the middle connects all the elements in the kitchen.

The island kitchen has black bulk with white top, and not equipped with a sink, so you get ample working space. The drawers provide additional storage space, and herb stalks provide natural green decorations to cut through the black and white tone. The island is paired with modern black stools and black pendant lamps, combining retro with modern elements.

The kitchen island design reflects the entire room’s atmosphere. The white subway tiles give a classic look, but the restrained design gives the kitchen more modern vibe. The dark wooden floor looks classy, and the patterned accent rugs enrich the look. The white cabinetry is classic, but the large glass panels are modern and provide natural decorations from the things inside.

A kitchen island is not just an additional functional space, but also a striking decorative element. These kitchen island ideas will light up your kitchen, even if the design is simple.

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