Causes and Home Remedies of Cat Dry Skin

Cat dry skin is an issue when you start noticing dandruff on your cat’s fur. It is important to know the treatment and reasons why it happens to cats. Sometimes, it can be a disease’s symptoms, but it can be about over-bathing or nutritional problems. Read our article to know what you can do to solve it.

Reasons Why Cats have Dry Skin

Skin issues in cats are relatively easy to diagnose, but the root of the issue is quite hard to know. Some factors are relatable why a cat has dry skin. They also play a major part when a cat shows exfoliative dermatoses’ symptoms. The causes are including:

  • Advanced age
  • Bacterial infections or parasitic
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immunity
  • Malnutrition

It is strongly recommended to consult a veterinarian first. He/she can help you to figure out the trigger factor why your cat has dry skin. Never underestimate dry skin as a simple issue. It may take time to heal and make your cat’s skin back to normal.

Frequent Bathing is the Reason of Dry Skin Cat

Some cats do need a bath occasionally, even though they never get a water bath in their whole lives. Bathing your cat can take care of the flea inside the cats’ fur and keep the longhaired cats healthy. However, giving too much shampoo can strip the natural oils on the cat’s coat.

Shampooing is necessary and good if the frequency is right. When you bathe your cat too often, the cat’s skin does not have enough time to heal its ideal balance. Then, fur loss and flaking will happen.

Nutritional Deficiencies that can Cause Dry Skin on a Cat

One of the common causes that makes a cat has dry skin is malnutrition. When it does not get enough minerals, vitamins, and proteins in the right portion, its coats and skin will suffer. This unbalanced diet will lead to a bigger issue.

A deficiency in important fatty acids, like Omega-3 fatty acids, is the ultimate reason why a cat suffers dry skin. Those acids give the overall health of cellular and part of the blocks’ building, which makes up the cat’s fur.

Cat Skin Disease which Causes Dry Skin on a Cat

Several diseases make the system of your cat out of balance. Each disease has each own description, so you know which one might happen to your cat.

Kidney Disease

There will be a lot of toxins build up in the bloodstream of your cat if its kidney does not function properly. The liver works to filter toxins inside the cat’s body, but some of them can run down to your cat’s health if an organ does not do its job well.

Thyroid Disease

Hormonal imbalance is the result of low thyroid issues, which can affect every aspect of your cat’s system and health. It also will affect its skin health.


Your cat probably has one of many allergy types exist. They are including allergy to parasites (like fleas), food, inhalants, or environmental pollutants. The effects of those allergies sometimes show in the skin. If your cat feels itchy, it scratches the skin that can cause damage.

You may give anti-itch sprays or shampoos as long as the frequency is not too much. The amount of spray or the shampoo also must be right. If you do it wrong, the product will not heal the cat’s itchiness but will rob the vital oils on the skin as mentioned above.

Heart Disease

Most cat owners sometimes are hard to believe that heart disease can give a bad effect on the cat’s skin. Bad circulation decreases the amount of oxygen, which delivers to the scalp of your cat. The effect is increased flaking and die-off.

Psoriasis as Common Cat Skin Disease

Psoriasis and seborrhea are examples of chronic skin problems. Felines are one of the cat types that suffer from those skin problems most of the time. Pet owners sometimes do frequent bathing to solve the problem. Again, it can end up dry skin, even though it can reduce inflammation a bit.

Remedies for Cat Dry Skin

Here are the remedies to prevent or alleviate dry cat skin issues.


You can bathe your cat as long as it is truly needed. Cats are amazing self-groomers, and you can make their skin dry by doing repetitive bathing. Use a gentle moisturizing shampoo made for cats if you need to remove debris or dirt.

It is more useful to brush regularly than bathing your cat too often. By brushing them, the circulation within the skin will improve, and the natural oils will spread evenly on your cat. Brushing is very essential for cats, especially for those who are prone to matting.

Do not forget to observe your cat’s health regularly, especially the skin and coat. Consult with the nearest veterinarian to make sure that your cat is okay.

Manage Allergies

It is better to put your cats indoors if they have pollen allergies. You can remove any allergens, which are stuck in a cat’s fur, with regular baths. You should buy a shampoo specifically for allergies.

It is also helpful to use medicated spray. You may need prescription medication if the issue is more severe.

You should know that cats have different reactions to any type of irritations including cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and perfumes. Many cats cannot take dusty litter. Sometimes, you need to have an experiment to find out what kind of irritant your pet cannot take.

Tick and Flea Prevention

Putting your beloved cat on a parasite preventative all year round can help your cat to avoid external parasites.

One of the ways to reduce the exposure of tick and flea is to keep your cat indoors. You can use a flea comb if you suspect fleas. Having a monthly treatment is the most effective way, too!


Another way to reduce prone to flaky skin is by managing the lifestyle of your cat. Stress that most cats experienced sometimes comes from their dull, daily routine. You can try introducing them to a new environment, food, or even plays with them with different toys once or twice.

You can keep a humidifier at home if your cat only develops skin flakiness during the dry season. Skin flakes can be caused by obese or arthritic that avoid cats’ certain body parts to groom. Remember not to solve this problem by keeping your cat active. Just do the brushing.

If you want to recognize the happening problems to your cat early, have routine check-ups with the veterinarian. It is the easiest way to do it. Routine check-ups should be done regularly to decrease the risk of your cat for having some dangerous disease that can cause skin dryness, too.

Make Sure the Right Nutrition

Treating dry skin cat starts from the inside out is on the contrary with many feline enthusiasts. First, you need to address any important nutritional deficiencies before rushing out to purchase grooming products, which promise to restore the cat coat and skin to glory.

Some experts show the right tips of what you can do:

  • Practice good grooming
  • Offer your cat a bite of fresh salmon every week. It can enrich nutrients which support a healthy coat and skin
  • Supplement your cat’s recent diet by giving fresh fish oil around 1/8 of a teaspoon to its food once a week
  • Do some researches on your latest cat’s food brand and compare it with other brands. Which one is fresher? Does it have enough portions of Omega-3 fatty acids? If it is needed, you can try to replace your cat’s food with a more nutritious brand
  • Good grooming can increase the fur and skin condition
  • Use high-quality shampoo to moisture the skin’s cat. Don’t forget to use a cream rinse to lock the natural oils in your cat
  • Mist your cat is a quick relief for a dry skin cat. You can mix water with a light concentration of bath oil to mist your lovely cat. Several good products can help you with this treatment. The oil is only about a teaspoon and mixes with around seven ounces of water
  • Provide brushing regularly to improve circulation on the skin of your pet. It can also help spread natural oils across the whole coat and scalp. Brushing can avoid the new coat that coming in tangle up with the dead fur, too. If it tangled up, the skin of the cat can suffocate.

Veterinary Care is Important

Before your cat has a chance to get any skin disease, it is better to take your cat for a bi-annual check-up to the vet. The vet will probably find an infestation or illness. Think of it the same way when you take care of your car for regular maintenance.

When you check your car’s parts for tear and wear, the engine will run smoothly. The same goes for your cat’s body, too. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggests pet owners should ask for a veterinarian’s opinion when they see any sign of any disease or abnormality.

Early diagnosis might contribute to a faster recovery and save your cat from serious disease. So, never underestimate any small disease or abnormality that you see on your cat’s skin or body.

The Top Home Remedies for Dry Skin Cats

If you are wondering about the greatest home remedies for dry skin cats, you should look at our top five best remedies to take care of this problem. You can try one of the remedies at home to heal the cat’s discomfort fast:

  • Use an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement to give your cat natural moisture for its skin
  • Give your cat with higher protein content in its food
  • Use coconut oil as a natural moisturizing agent and apply it to your cat’s dry area. Using special essential oils and shampoo can also be a good remedy for dry skin cats.
  • Use humidifiers in your home are arid naturally to protect the skin of your cat becomes dry
  • Consult with your vet if you suspect any allergies that your cat has to find out an allergy elimination plan.

Another Treatment for Dry Skin Cat

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Other Supplements

Consider an Omega-3 supplement if you think you already gave your car a healthy, balanced diet. The advantages of fish oil for pets are more than just skin moisture. Some researches indicate it can be a prevention of cancer. You can also choose a more familiar supplement including Dermatrix.

A healthy Diet

Your cat needs more protein. You should consider mixing some wet food into your cat’s diet or buying higher protein food. See what happens on their skin after that.

Many commercial dry cat foods are high in carbs only and low on protein, which is the opposite of what your cat’s health needs.

If you think there is an allergy that your cat has, you can eliminate it by asking for help from your vet. The vet will make an elimination diet to find out the root problem of the allergy.

Household Changes

Have you changed the detergents for your laundry or maybe stated using different household cleaner? The dry skin that happens to your cat can be an allergy or reaction to one of these reasons. You can try to buy a new scratching post as well.

Antifungal and Antibiotics

Any infection-related skin condition needs prescription medication. That is why you need veterinarian’s help to find out which one is the right medication for your cat. With the help of a vet, you will not only cure dry skin cat but also help your cat to avoid serious disease.

Do not forget to bring a humidifier into the room where your lovely cat usually spends its time the most. Cat dry skin is not a big deal when you find out the root of the problem immediately with the help of veterinarians, balanced, healthy diet, and regular grooming.

Routine check-ups are also essential to diagnose any disease earlier before it becomes serious that can put your cat’s life in danger.


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