5 Kitchen Design Ideas for Spacious Cooking Space

Having spacious kitchen is a dream for prospective homeowners, but wrong design can make a big kitchen look empty. The right kitchen design ideas will create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here are several ideas for modern, spacious kitchen design that will instantly draw attention, without being excessive in details.

⦁ Kitchen Design with Various Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey-jokes aside, using different shades from one color can create a new dimension in your big kitchen, even if you prefer low-key decorations. In this kitchen, you can see various ways the designer used grey, mostly with patterns. The all-grey design goes well with modern appliances such as refrigerator, stove, and oven, but it does not look boring. But change not the whole gamut of appliances just because they do not match the shade of the floor. You spend a lot on appliances, and also go the extra mile of reaching out to the best home warranty companies in California to get the appliances warranted. The color of the appliances doesn’t really change the aesthetics of an area.

While the cabinets and appliances are sleek, the countertop was made of patterned grey marbles. The backsplash uses light grey tiles, and the floor is grey wooden planks, still with their natural patterns. The chairs combine textured fabric and sleek dark frames, and bits of green adorn the top of the cabinetry.

All the patterns work nicely in filling the “gaps” between the kitchen features. This design is perfect to create a spacious and calming kitchen, but not empty.

⦁ White-and-Wood Kitchen with Natural Light

If you are bored with black-and-white for modern design combination, why not try white-and-wood? The contrast is softer and more natural but still looks modern. The above image shows a spacious kitchen with classic white tile walls. However, wood dominates the cabinetry, shelves, drawers, and table.

To prevent the empty look (especially if the kitchen is enormous), choose patterned or textured woods. The kitchen in the photo uses rustic wood that still keeps its natural patterns. The combination looks great beside a polished, modern stove and oven. Large windows provide natural light that illuminates the workspace, giving you beautiful outdoor view and reduce the vacant atmosphere.

⦁ Functional Sections for Unique Kitchen Shape

If your kitchen is large but having a unique shape, with a lot of awkward corners like in the above picture, you can split the spaces into functional sections. The main room is decorated with cabinetry, countertop, and kitchen island since they support the main activities in the kitchen. The countertop continues to the different side of the room, where two chairs are placed to signify the spot’s function as a dining area.

A little to the back, close to the dining area, there is an overhead cabinet, a cooler with glass door, and a little countertop space to place wine rack and glasses. Each of these functional spaces is adorned with pendant lamps, to give “clues” about each section for the guests and occupants.

The kitchen has a soft look, with light wooden floor and off-white as the dominant color. However, splashes of green make the kitchen look fresher.

⦁ Contemporary Kitchen with Geometric Decorative Elements

Modern, no-nonsense contemporary kitchen can make use of geometric decorative elements to create a striking look. This will make your kitchen look distinctive and prevent it from looking empty. This picture shows a black-and-white kitchen that has balanced distribution between the monochromatic shades. The black adorns cabinetry and chairs, while white is for the backsplash and kitchen island.

The lighting fixture has complicated metal frames, which create a unique look in an otherwise standard-looking kitchen. The black chairs have sharp edges and striking frames, immediately draw looks when paired with white kitchen island. The entire look is softened with crystal vase that has fresh flowers inside.

While the kitchen is bare of too many details, and only has the most practical features, the combination of black, white, and geometric decorative elements help reducing the empty look in it.

⦁ Spacious Kitchen with Vintage Decorative Elements

If you prefer something more timeless, try vintage decorative elements in the large kitchen, like in this picture above. The kitchen is spacious and airy, with natural light that comes from large French windows across. The floor consists of light brown tiles, and the color combination in the kitchen is not too striking. However, the vintage elements create the interesting look the big kitchen.

Instead of tiles or stones, the designer used the mirror as the backsplash, reflecting the window panels and the outdoor views. Several brass pendant lamps are hung atop the long kitchen island, reflecting the two lanterns on top of the stove. A classic clock increases the vintage atmosphere.

The kitchen has an open-plan design, so it is connected to other room in the house. It helps to create a relaxing vibe in the house, perfect to accommodate many people in the personal or social setting. The open-plan design is also perfect for a house in the hot area, allowing fresh air to get distributed more evenly in all areas.

A spacious kitchen can look empty if you don’t apply balance in the decoration, but it does not mean you should splurge on ornaments. By combining colors, patterns, and unique decorative elements in functional objects, you can create the perfect kitchen design ideas for a large kitchen.

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